COPA is a newly founded cooperative created by merging of Južni Banat and ATOS FRUCTUM, two Serbian companies dealing with the production of apples. It was founded with the desire to offer top-notch Pannonian apples to foreign markets. We at COPA believe synergy is at the core of every successful business.

We at COPA are united by common values to offer the end-buyer only high-quality apples. With this goal in mind, we keep a close eye on the production processes of our members, from cultivation to sorting, storing and packaging. We ensure that they use the latest technology


  • to become leaders in apple production at a national and international level
  • to provide the highest quality apples to the customers
  • to expand to all major apple markets in Europe and wider


  • Promote the consumption and production of apples
  • Standardize apple production processes
  • Ensure the quality of apples exported to foreign markets
  • Coordinate activities of members in the fields of research, technologies and innovation
  • Encourage economic growth through collaboration
  • Maintain and facilitate our members’ long- term viability


Južni Banat was founded in 1960 in Bela Crkva by a group of young enthusiasts and experts who were gathered with the same goal- to produce high-quality fruits and offer the best product to the market. On this day, Južni Banat is a company with 120 employees and is constantly spreading.

The primary focus of Južni Banat is export, which makes 90% of the total revenue. The largest amount of fruit is exported to Russia, but we are also present in the region and the EU countries. We are globally known for our top-notch apple fruits. 0n more than 280 hectares we grow 7 different apple varieties. All our fruit is hand-picked, and each new variety is a new challenge that we readily accept. Our company is not dedicated only to the production of apples, but we are intensively and very successfully developing nursery production. We can offer to the market more than 300.000 certificated seedlings of apples.

On the southern slope of Fruška Gora, the pearl of Pannonian Plane, where the nature is untouched, bathing in the sun throughout the day, caressed and cleaned by the natural wind rose, where everything that lives breathes with full lungs, a modern approach to apple production and keeping was initiated in April 2007.
The idea of growing apples was maturing for a long time. By careful research of different locations, familiarization with different technologies and apple sorts, we have reached a plan we started to execute in April 2007.

The production is modern because it is technologically supported, guaranteed (intensive), standardized and controlled. It is traditional because this area produced quality and healthy apple since the old times. The crest of Mala Remeta from 1564 has an apple tree as the basic visual effect. This, without any doubt, speaks of long tradition of fruit growing on this location. When you get an apple being the result of harmony between the ideal location conditions and the modern agricultural technology, it must be special and recognizable in all its properties. ATOS apple from Fruška Gora certainly is.